Film Music

She's Haunted (2.13MB MP3)
A Little Hope (953K MP3)
A Dangerous Path (983K MP3)
Main Titles (1.99MB MP3)

Con Man
To Steal or Not to Steal (1.66MB MP3)
Fraud Buster (646K MP3)
It's All Numbers (1.57MB MP3)
Short Meeting (415K MP3)
No More Lies (1.11MB MP3)

All Work All Play
Eventful (1.20MB MP3)
Introduction (2.47MB MP3)
Playful Playing (1.29MB MP3)
Preparing (2.28MB MP3)

Sound of a Dream
Main Titles, in Tibet (1.83MB MP3)
Looking Through the Telescope (1.37MB MP3)

These Amazing Shadows
Mockingbird Montage (1.83MB MP3)
With Every Laugh, A Tear (1.37MB MP3)

Countdown to Zero
Bomb Making (4.09MB MP3)

Almost Kings
Ted and Calea (641KB MP3)
The Point System (1.92MB MP3)
Ted and Emily (2.74MB MP3)

The Laramie Project
The Parade (1.82MB MP3)
Leaving Town (2.17MB MP3)

True Adolescents
up a tree (2.22MB MP3)
lost in the woods (2.78MB MP3)
a little danger (1.90MB MP3)
Beginning to find the way back (1.63MB MP3)

The Great Debaters
Give Me the Check (2.26MB MP3)

A Puzzle that Breaks Your Heart (1.25MB MP3)

Concert Pieces

WATERWORKS for solo piano (2013) (19.66MB MP3)
Thomas Feng, piano
[download PDF]

FLORESTAN and EUSEBIUS for Saxophone Quartet (2016) (14.90MB MP3)
Viridian Quartet
[download PDF]

GHOST SONGS (2015) (19.66MB MP3)
1. In The Mind's Eye (5.27MB MP3)
2. A Wasted Illness (7.44MB MP3)
3. I Rose Up As My Custom Is (7.81MB MP3)
texts by Thomas Hardy
Michael Dean, baritone
Peter Golub, piano
[download Movement 1 PDF]
[download Movement 2 PDF]
[download Movement 3 PDF]

THREADED DANCES for flute and piano (2007) (16.70MB MP3)
Susan Greenberg, flute
Dolores Stevens, piano
[download PDF]

REQUIEM; The Lady of Permutations (1990) (11.16MB MP3)
for 4 cellos and mezzo-soprano
text by Charles Ludlam; Joyce Castle, mezzo-soprano
[download PDF]


Djangoid (4.30MB MP3)
Tangoid (7.33MB MP3)
Vile Vamp (1.31MB MP3)


Bach B Minor Prelude from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2 for woodwind quintet (3.83MB MP3)